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Available for Android (version 5 and above) and Windows PC/Laptops (version 7 and above)
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WizeTV is a massively powerful, intuitive search engine.  When you make a request within the app for any movie, tv box set or song, it scours the internet and brings it to you without any fees, commercials or ads.  Because you're only streaming and not downloading, it is totally legal with no recurring fees.  If it has been published anywhere on any channel paid or not, WizeTV will find it and bring it to you.  

Pretty cool eh?  What are you waiting's FREE to try!
Let's Compare WizeTV
More Movies - More TV Box Sets - More Freedom
More Movies - More TV Box Sets - More Freedom
Around 5,600 Movies & TV Box Sets

Your Movie and TV Choice depends on which country you stream from.
20,000+ Movies & TV Box Sets

But you need to pay more for Premium Movies & TV :(
100,000+ Movies & TV Box Sets

Any Movie or Box Set ever released.  Plus everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video!
Unrestricted pleasure
Watch what you want.. When you want.
  • Total Access: Enjoy virtually ANY movie, Box Set or music ever made
  • Install & Watch: No complicated setup, so easy your Grandma could use it
  • Commercial & Ad Free:No annoying ads popping up in your face
  • No Ongoing Fees:  No monthly fees, upsells or premium plans to buy
Why WizeTV?

Unlimited Streaming Movies, TV Box Sets and Music

Limits are a thing of the past.  Stream as much as you want, whenever you want.

Newest Content On All Networks

If it's ever been published on the internet, WizeTV will find it and bring it to matter how old or new it is or what channel it appeared on.

Never Any Recurring Charges, No Hidden Fees - EVER

You pay a one-time small upfront charge for the activation code and that's it!  No future charges.

Flat-Rate One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access

We will not come back to you asking for more money.  This is a one-time lifelong purchase that you never have to renew..ever!

Commercial Free - No Banner Ads

With WizeTV you'll never see those annoying banner ads or pop-ups interrupting your shows.  There are no advertising platforms within the app so you can enjoy your media 100% ad free. 

Available for Windows PC or Laptop

WizeTV is approved for Windows 7.0 and above.

Money-Back Guarantee

Don't like it?  Not sure why you wouldn't but whatever the reason, we'll give you a 100% refund of your purchase price within 14 days of purchase.

WizeTV - FAQ
A specialized media search engine. With WizeTV, stream all of your favorite Movies, Music, and TV. Our easy to use, menu-driven interface allows you to efficiently find and watch all your favorite digital media content.
"I seriously can't believe the WizeTV app does this..."
Jessica Schmitz
"Literally anything I searched for was available! Amazing."
Justin Fortner
"Wow! Wow! Wow!  WizeTV is UNREAL!"
Bryce Smitling

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