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What is WizeTV?

A specialized media search engine. With WizeTV, stream all of your favorite Movies, Music, and TV. Our easy to use, menu-driven interface allows you to efficiently find and watch all your favorite digital media content.

Do I actually need WizeTV?

There are many people who can benefit from using¬†WizeTV. Our software will provide you with the interface to access an almost unlimited range of “on-demand” internet content that is extremely difficult to replicate either by network TV or just using the internet. However, it does require a basic internet connection.

What content can I stream from the WizeTV Software?

A person can stream any available media content on the internet, which includes watching Movies, TV Shows, TV Channels, LIVE TV, listening to Music, etc. There are endless choices for just about everything.

Are there any additional fees for the WizeTV Software?

No. You pay a one-time purchase fee to own the WizeTV software and you will never see a monthly bill or any other additional fees.

How do I know if this will work on my PC?

WizeTV is compatible with any PC, Laptop or Tablet running Microsoft Windows or Android.

What about viewing news?

The WizeTV Software can access streaming news including CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC just to name a few.

What about my favorite shows?

Through the WizeTV software, you can access a nearly endless array of TV shows from classic to current, which can be streamed from a variety of sources on the internet.

What about playing music?

With access to media streaming through the WizeTV software, all genres of music can be played as well as music videos.

What happens if my stream will not play?

Most media streams have multiple files available to access. If you find a stream that fails to load, just use the menus to move on and try another streaming source.

Does WizeTV charge for any media content?

No. We supply our software product.  WizeTV is just the software that allows you to access and stream media content from the internet. This content is already available on the web and provided through third-party sources.